Mary-Dulany James on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility

Budget & Fiscal Responsibility

Delegate James continues to be a leader in fiscal responsibility. As a key member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, Mary-Dulany fights hard to reduce spending while maintaining the important services Marylanders deserve and expect.

In all of Delegate James’ endeavors, the thoughts and needs of the people of Harford and Cecil Counties are her top priority. Delegate James has seen firsthand that families across the District are cutting spending and tightening their belts and believes the State should follow suit. Mary-Dulany was instrumental in passing the False Claims Act of 2010, which stops Medicaid fraud and helps the State regain funds that were lost due to fraudulent activity. This Act has helped the State save countless dollars and Delegate James is proud to have been a part of the solution to this problem.

In 2009, in the wake of the Great Recession, the State of Maryland was faced with a deficit of almost $2 billion. However, thanks to the leadership, guidance, and fiscal prudence of legislators such as Delegate James, the State was able to formulate a forward-thinking plan to eliminate the structural deficit while maintaining an emphasis on funding priorities such as education and public safety. In fact, by FY 2017 the State is projected to have a budget surplus. The implementation of a responsible budget by legislators such as Mary-Dulany has allowed Maryland to maintain its AAA bond rating with all three major ratings agencies in a time where only nine states hold that distinction.

Delegate James also understands that you lead by example. When the worst of the economic recession was gripping the nation, Mary-Dulany made the personal decision to give back over $8,000 from her legislative account and rejected her own pay increase 3 times.

Another example of the fiscal foresight displayed by Delegate James and her colleagues can be seen in the manner in which Maryland handled the federal sequestration cuts. While many other states were unable to aptly prepare for these cuts, the State Legislature set aside $100 million to hedge against the potential impact of these federal cuts and ensured that the Marylanders most affected by these cuts were not left to fend for themselves.

As a member of the Appropriations committee, Delegate James has been instrumental in ensuring that State spending has not gotten out of control. In fact, State spending has increased less during the last 8 years than it had in well over a decade. This type of responsible, targeted spending is what has allowed Maryland to maintain a thriving economy during these trying times.