Mary-Dulany James On the Issues

Budget & Fiscal Responsibility

Delegate James continues to be a leader in fiscal responsibility. As a key member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, Mary-Dulany fights hard to reduce spending while maintaining the important services Marylanders deserve and expect.

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Living in the State that is home to the #1 public school system in the Nation for the 5th consecutive year is a source of great pride for Delegate James. Protecting funding for education must be a key priority for all legislators and Mary-Dulany has been a fervent supporter of education for the entirety of her legislative career. As someone who was educated in Harford County public schools and attended State schools for both her bachelor and law degrees, Mary-Dulany recognizes that the first-rate public education in Maryland must remain one of the State’s top priorities. For the past 15 years, Delegate James has fought for and protected the funding and other resources that have made Maryland’s schools the best in the country.

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Delegate James grew up on a farm on the Chesapeake Bay, where she has remained to raise her three children. With a past deeply rooted in the tradition of her family farm, Mary-Dulany has a passion for the conservation and protection of our precious natural resources, such as the Chesapeake Bay, found here in Maryland.

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Taking over her family farm and running her own law practice has given Delegate Mary-Dulany James the insight to approach her role as a legislator from the perspective of a small-business owner. The daily challenges of balancing the books, managing payrolls, and navigating regulations have made Mary-Dulany keenly aware of the impact that the government has on the private sector. Her steadfast dedication and support of small businesses here in Maryland have led to improvements such as the FastTrack program, which is designed to expedite the State review of qualifying development projects. This program has given much needed relief to those industries that were hardest hit by the recession, mainly the construction industry and the its many related businesses.

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Law and Order

Mary-Dulany James has a proven record of being tough on crime and recognizing the importance of putting public safety at the forefront of our policies and budget. Having passed historic anti-gang legislation in both 2007 and 2010, Delegate James has shown her strong commitment to keeping children and families safe.

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Veterans & Soldiers

Delegate Mary-Dulany James maintains a strong commitment to veterans every session in Annapolis and while she is home in Harford County. Having been raised in a family that lauds military service, Mary-Dulany has a passion for assisting veterans and protecting their interests. Honoring those willing to sacrifice it all to keep our country strong and free has been and remains one of Mary-Dulany’s top priorities in Annapolis.

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Hometown Heroes

Delegate Mary-Dulany James has displayed time and time again her steadfast dedication to supporting those individuals who protect us at home and abroad. Coming from a family that understands and appreciates the value of giving back to the community, Delegate James knows that such service is a calling that requires selfless dedication and a love of country and community. Mary-Dulany always has, and will continue, to take every opportunity to honor and thank these men and women, as well as acknowledge the great sacrifice that many have made in the line of duty.

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Mary-Dulany James has been a champion for healthcare reform in the State of Maryland. Delegate James knows that access to affordable healthcare is an essential part of a high quality of life for citizens of all ages, and as the Chairperson of the Health and Human Resources Subcommittee, she has made this one of her top priorities.

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