Current Events

05-Nov-2014 Thank You!

In the wake of election day, I want to thank everyone who came out to the polls and supported me yesterday, as well as everyone who has helped me along the way. It has been a long journey that starte... Read More >

31-Oct-2014 High-Tech Private Sector Jobs

A strong job market is one of the keys to a healthy economy, and as your Delegate for the last 16 years, I have worked hard to help the private sector create jobs right here in H... Read More >

23-Oct-2014 Early Voting!

As you may be aware, EARLY VOTING STARTS TODAY and lasts through Thursday, October 30. It will be open each day from 10:00am to 8:00pm.As the polls are open, I hope that you will consider me ... Read More >

21-Oct-2014 National Association of Social Workers Endorsement!

I am proud to announce that The Maryland Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has announced their endorsement of my candidacy for the Maryland Senate. The mission of the so... Read More >

14-Oct-2014 Towson University to Harford County!

We all know how important quality education is for our community and our children. That is why I have been fighting since 1998 to make Maryland’s K-12 schools the best in the United St... Read More >

30-Sep-2014 Laurrapin Grill and Advance Maryland Project

HAVRE DE GRACE MD (September 30, 2014) – On September 25, local favorite Laurrapin Grill was announced as a participant in the second annual Advance Maryland Program. ... Read More >

29-Sep-2014 Proud to be endorsed by American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

I am proud to share that AFSCME Maryland Council 3, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, has endorsed my campaign for election to the Maryland Senate. ... Read More >

10-Sep-2014 Harford Family House

As many of you know, the Harford Family House is a shining example of a local community resource for families in time of need. The have worked tirelessly toward their goal for 25 years to end home... Read More >

04-Sep-2014 Shining a Light on Addiction

If you're in the Bel Air, Maryland ( area, specifically Shamrock Park ( Read More >

26-Aug-2014 Vi Ripken Field

On August 11 I had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation’s 25th multi-purpose Youth Development Park. The aptly named Vi Ripken Field at ... Read More >

15-Aug-2014 Robin Williams and Mental Health

I was initially hesitant to send out an email regarding the untimely death of Robin Williams, because, like mental illness, I thought my pain was singular. However, after reading so many touching ... Read More >

04-Aug-2014 Much Needed Nursing Program Comes To The HCC!

I was recently given a tour by Dr. Dennis Golladay (President of HCC), Annette Haggray (VP of Academic Affairs), Brenda Morrison (VP, marketing, development, and community relations), Steve Garey (Int... Read More >

18-Jul-2014 Maryland Public Television

Dear Friend, Please take a moment to check out these pictures from my tour of the newly renovated studios of Maryland Public Television. You can see me here being shown a studio where... Read More >

10-Jul-2014 Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of touring the future home of Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding ( Located in beautiful Havre de Gra... Read More >

04-Jul-2014 Happy Independence Day!

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day and celebrated one of America's greatest achievements, our independence. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to live in this, the greatest country on ea... Read More >

19-Jun-2014 Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement!

Dear Friends, I am thrilled to announce that I have been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police Maryland State Lodge, Harford County Lodge 31 and Harford County Municipal Lodge 128. As an... Read More >

18-Jun-2014 The Baltimore Sun Endorsement!

I am so excited to announce that I have been endorsed by the Baltimore Sun for the Senate Race in District 34. As you may be aware, the District 34 Senate race is an important one for our county a... Read More >

16-Jun-2014 Support to the Arts Community Heats Up!

Support to the Arts Community Heats Up Delegate Mary-Dulany James ( announced today an additional $250,000 to support the “Raise the Curtain” C... Read More >

12-Jun-2014 Eary Voting Starts Today!

Did you know you can start voting in the Primary Election today? In Maryland, we have the ability to vote early, and skip the lines on election day, June 24th. The Early Voting schedule is fro... Read More >

05-Jun-2014 Creating jobs, growing the economy and funding education

My biggest focus this year revolved around three main goals: creating jobs, growing the economy and funding education. That’s why in this session I worked to boost private sector investment and... Read More >

27-May-2014 A Balanced Budget that Invests in Education

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and represent Harford County in the Maryland General Assembly. This year the legislature was able to pass a budget which: invests in education by alloc... Read More >

14-May-2014 Funding For Our Roads!

Delegate Mary-Dulany James announced today that $452,769 was approved by the Maryland General Assembly to fix potholes and other road repairs in Harford County. “During our harsh win... Read More >

28-Apr-2014 Funding for Harford County Community College!

Delegate Mary-Dulany James announced today that $11 million dollars have been allocated for Harford Community College through the FY15 operating budget, an increase of $690,000 or 6.3%. ... Read More >

26-Mar-2014 Promoting Harford County

Harford County ready to Capitalize on Tourism Revenues March 26, 2014 Annapolis, MD – After years of being the only county in Maryland not to do so, Harford County will finally be able t... Read More >

20-Mar-2014 $450K state grant approved for Aberdeen

A $450,000 grant for the City of Aberdeen to use for renovations to the Ripken Stadium parking lot was approved Wednesday by the Maryland Board of Public Works. Click here to continue reading thi... Read More >

14-Mar-2014 House passes bill to stop elimination of cash toll lanes

Delegate James and Delegate Rudolph have teamed up again to protect the rights of those who do not want to be forced to purchase a government issued device to cross their local bridge. Click here... Read More >

27-Feb-2014 Harford Liquor Board supports Del. James legislation

At the request of the Harford County Liquor Board, Delegate James has sponsored HB1170 to revise the outdated requirements for holding and alcoholic bevergage license. Click here to read more in ... Read More >

13-Jan-2014 A Sneak Peak of the new I-95 Maryland House

This morning, Delegate James joined Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in touring the new Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95 South of Aberdeen. Click here to read more about the Grand Opening of the Mar... Read More >

19-Dec-2013 Growing our economy through high-tech and biotech industries

On December 12, 2013, Mary-Dulany James spoke at the Harford County Chamber of Commerce annual legislative breakfast where she spoke about the sectors of our economy that we can look toward optimi... Read More >

13-Nov-2013 The Epicenter Opens in Edgewood!

The Epicenter in Edgewood Opens! On Sunday, October 27, 2013 I had the great pleasure of participating in the grand opening of the Epicenter in Edgewood. This brand new facility, centrally locate... Read More >

22-Oct-2013 HdG Kicks Off Opera House Renovation Fundraising Campaign

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, I had the pleasure of attending the “Raise the Curtain” event at the Havre de Grace Opera House to commemorate the start of the Havre de Grace Opera House... Read More >

24-Sep-2013 Concord Point Lighthouse Turns Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

September 27, 2013 - Havre de Grace, MD - Delegate James will attend the annual re-lighting of the Concord Point Lighthouse in pink for Harford County Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). Event s... Read More >

12-Sep-2011 Redistricting Hearing for Harford County Rescheduled

Public hearing of the Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Committee (GRAC) for Harford county is rescheduled for Monday, September 12, 2011. The original date for this hearing was ... Read More >

18-Aug-2011 Cecil Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee

Delegate James will attend the Thursday, August 18th meeting of the Cecil Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee. The meeting is at the La Quinta Hotel in Elkton. She will be discussing matters that a... Read More >

02-Jun-2011 Havre de Grace HS Graduation

Delegate James is honored to speak at the graduation ceremonies of the Havre de Grace High School class of 2011.... Read More >

31-May-2011 Aberdeen High School Graduation

Delegate James is honored to speak at the graduation ceremonies of the Aberdeen High School class of 2011.... Read More >

11-May-2011 Edgewood Community Council Meeting

Delegate James will attend the Edgewood Community Council Meeting at the Edgewood Recreation and Community Center on Wednesday, May 11th, 7:00 - 9:00PM. She will discuss the legislative session, and i... Read More >

24-Jan-2011 Fallen Heroes Remembrance Day - Thursday

Dear Friends: I am honored to invite you to come celebrate the contributions our venerated veterans make to our country. This Thursday, January 27th, after the legislat... Read More >

06-Oct-2010 Funeral Protests Cross Line? High Court To Decide

In 2007 I submitted legislation that struck the right balance between freedom of speech and right to privacy. I hope that the Supreme Court will uphold the right to privacy of our soldiers and their f... Read More >

05-Oct-2010 Help out on the Campaign Trail!

I need your help! If you can volunteer at the polls on election day please let me know. If you can make a donation to help purchase signs, make phone calls, send mail and otherwise ensure we are victo... Read More >

04-Jul-2010 Havre de Grace July 4th Parade

Delegate James and her family will be participating in the Havre de Grace 4th of July Parade!... Read More >

25-Jun-2010 Harford County FOP Annual Fishing Trip

Delegate James will be attending the Annual Fishing Trip of the Harford County Fraternal Order of Police.... Read More >

10-Jun-2010 Annual Evening at Old Bay Farm

Delegate James will be hosting her annual event at Old Bay Farm in Havre de Grace. ... Read More >

04-Jun-2010 Department of Maryland Disabled Veterans Annual Meeting

Delegate James is receiving an award for her tireless work for Veterans across the State.... Read More >

28-May-2010 Senior Awards and Graduations

Delegate Mary-Dulany James and her scholarship committee will be attending various senior award ceremonies and graduations around Harford and Cecil Counties. The Delegate offers congratulations t... Read More >

24-May-2010 Maryland MIlitary Installation Council

Delegate James will be attending the MMIC meeting to provide a session wrap up.... Read More >

21-May-2010 Tour of Presbyterian Homes

Delegate Mary-Dulany James will meet with stakeholders for the Presbyterian homes project in Harford County.... Read More >

20-May-2010 Bill Signings

Two Bills Sponsored by Mary-Dulany James will be signed into law at 10:30am on May 20th. These bills protect the interests of our Sheriff's Deputies and Veterans.... Read More >

12-May-2010 Meeting with Former Elected Officials

Delegate James will be meeting with former elected officials and leaders from the area.... Read More >

11-May-2010 Harford Leadership Academy

Delegate James will be speaking to the Harford Leadership Academy about the 2010 Legislative Session... Read More >

31-Mar-2010 Petition Your Government Town Hall

March 31st at 7:30 pm American Legion Post 128 Aberdeen, MD --- Come out and sign petitions to the Governor asking that he sign bills important to our community!... Read More >

25-Mar-2010 Bill Hearings

The House of Delegates Committee on Appropriations will be having public bill hearings.... Read More >

23-Mar-2010 Health and Human Resources Subcommitee

The Subcommittee on Health and Human Resources (of the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee) chaired by Delegate Mary-Dulany James will meet to discuss ways to cut the budget while preserving n... Read More >

22-Mar-2010 Constituent Meeting

Delegate James is meeting with constituents regarding important property rights issue.... Read More >

13-Jan-2010 Session

Maryland House is in session.... Read More >

September 27, 2013 - Havre de Grace, MD - Delegate James to attend the annual re-lighting of the Concord Point Lighthouse in pink for Harford County Breast Cancer Awareness month (October).  

October 3, 2013 - Havre de Grace, MD - Delegate James to speak at luncheon for Harford County Retired School Personnel Association.  (Bayou Restaurant)